How to Speak to Your Intuition So It Speaks Back

We all get to crossroads in our lives where we need to figure out what's next.  It might be a relationship ending with a friend or lover.  It might be a calling that you have but can't quite put your finger on how to access.  Or maybe it's a conflict with a co-worker or partner.  These times can challenge us, leaving us feeling lonely and confused.

In those times, our minds/egos/inner critics love to invade any peace that we might ever find and remind us of the conflict or problem.  We'll analyze it, blame, wonder, forget and then start the whole cycle over again.

For many of us, we know that there is a way to access a level of clarity in moving forward but we've never been taught how.  Often there is a feeling deep within us calling to be heard but the mind just incessantly carries on shaming us, blaming us or them, pointing out our flaws and reminding us of our inabilities.  It's EXHAUSTING.  Generally, all those voices happening inside are more exhausting than the actual issue at hand.

I've seen it time and time again when people use their breakdowns to penetrate beneath these critical, incessant voices in their minds, these situations turn into breakthroughs.  To get past beating ourselves up and exhausting ourselves we need to probe deeper than the chatter.  We need to get inside our hearts and guts to the places that are fueled by intuition and sixth sense.  

Surprisingly, this can be done by simply asking questions of ourselves that have never been asked before and creating a safe enough space (time and gentleness being key ingredients) to allow the answers to bubble up from within. 

We know we are getting answers from the voice inside our hearts and guts because we:

  • experience long pauses before answers.
  • receive information that surprises us when presented.
  • are challenged to think outside of our usual constructs in ways that when allowed intrigue us.
  • suddenly see how to take one baby step forward where we didn't know what to do moments before.

The only skills you need to have to hear the voice inside your own heart is a bit of patience and 10 minutes of uninterrupted time.  

Sit down with a piece of paper and write a question at the top.  Something like:

-What do I need to know that I'm not seeing right now?


-What is the wisdom behind this experience I'm having?

From there let it all flow out.  Know that the questions are coming from your mind and the answers are coming from your heart!

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