Three Months of Sacred Support:

  • FREE 30 minute consult to make sure we're a great match.  This will be your chance to envision balance, time, space and the small steps you can begin to take toward self care.  I'll know where you're starting at and you'll know how I can support you in your goals.

  • Pre-session workbook to help you clarify the direction of our work together (People tend to love this part and have tons of insights JUST from this).  This comprehensive workbook is your helpful tool to begin the journey toward joy and self generative magic.  You will see exactly where you are stuck and become excited by what is possible. 

  • 10 sessions of one on one devoted coaching about and for YOU (All sessions via phone to make it possible to meet with anyone in the world)!  Our sessions will have you knowing without a doubt you are enough.  You will see what is holding you back from prioritizing yourself and with that knowledge you will begin to do just that.

  • Personalized tools given to use between calls to deepen the work and have you seeing shifts every day.  These EASY to integrate tools will keep the depth and clarity that you get in your sessions alive every day.  From them, you will learn how to care for yourself which in turn will have you more present for all your varied obligations.

  • Email support between calls so we can stay in touch between sessions, address any issues that come up, and help you to feel accountable to what you want. I want you to know Iā€™m right by your side, even between sessions!

Investment: $849

Six Month Option:

If you, like many of my clients, are wanting sustained support as you dive into the changes that will naturally evolve as you look at yourself from a new angle, this option is for you.  As you become more present to yourself, your feelings and find a flow that has been missing in your life, having weekly accountability and conversations can be the boost you need to keep this new self alive.  

  • All of the love listed above.

  • 20 weekly sessions over a period of six months.

  • A very special gift sent in the mail to YOU from ME.

Investment:  *$1549

* Payment plan available

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MY GUARANTEE TO YOU:  After our first session you will start experiencing shifts in yourself that you have not experienced before.  From there, I can guarantee each session will benefit your life more and more and more and more.

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Do you want to stay in the fog of being spread too thin?  How will tomorrow be any different if you don't acknowledge that you are overwhelmed and that something needs to give?  Working together will give you the safety and tools to be successful in all areas of your life without the burnout.  You can make this work for you.

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