Finally Trust Yourself By Connecting With Your Higher Self 

If you're READY to step into your confidence, trust for yourself and some long awaited self love, then say YES to you NOW.

SATURDAY MARCH 11th, 9:30-2:30 PST

The ladies I surround myself with are INCREDIBLE. They are extremely high achieving, strong, bright and wanting to make this world a wonderful place.  The thing is a lot of the time their motives are off.  They are operating from a place of feeling never good enough, never giving enough, never kind, beautiful, thin, liked, loved enough.  On paper all looks fine but inside, there is low grade angst, tons of overwhelm, never enough time, a lack of self care and just general “ughhhhh” feelings.  Sound familiar at all?

I get that you might be struggling with feeling shitty, angsty, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, afraid.

Continuing to live a life where the only part of yourself that you are intimate with is your inner mean girl will likely not end well.  The inner mean girl is the one that likes to point out your faults and have you bending over backwards trying to make the world around you "work out."  She'll do anything to show you your inadequacies. If you keep listening to her, your life might continue to look great on paper but feel uncomfortable to live.  If you keep listening to her, you'll never, ever be enough and always be on the hamster wheel of trying and trying and trying to get to a destination impossible to reach.

That right there is why we ALLLLLLLL need to meet our Higher Selves.  Why we ALLLLLLLLLL deserve to have an experience with the other parts of ourselves.  The part of ourselves that's not stuck reacting to the past and the perceived threats all around.  The part of ourselves that knows the way no matter what is happening in our lives.  The part of ourselves that is soothing and confidence boosting EVERY time we access it.  The part of ourselves that exudes our best.

This is why I want you to meet your higher self!!  There truly is a way that you can reassure yourself and step into radiant confidence whenever you need it.  There truly is a way you can know what to do without beating yourself up to get it done.  A place within you that believes in you and wants the best for you.  A place that reassures you no matter the situation and helps you decide about whatever you are stuck on.

By meeting your higher self, you’ll immediately have an ally that has your back NO MATTER WHAT.  You’ll immediately have a space within to consult that will encourage you and love you through all the inevitable ups and downs of life.  You will finally know how to care for yourself in a way you’ve always craved and deserved but haven’t necessarily known how to obtain.  You’ll have a Story written by you and the present, not the past and it’s craziness.

This ally will answer your questions when you feel lost, help you set boundaries when you feel hurt, show you the way when life feels big and overwhelming.

You deserve to know and feel that you are enough any day of the year.

I know you will walk away from this day feeling renewed hope and excitement for what is possible for you.  I know you, just like all the women I work with, can easily access your higher self when shown how.

As you know, self love is a hot button topic these days. And there’s good reason for it.  When you connect with a loving part of yourself in new and life changing ways you start knowing you are actually good enough, you can handle whatever comes your way and you can deal with yourself and all your feelings.

The one thing I wish I had known at the start of my personal journey was that my higher self wanted to communicate with me all the time.  That she was there, ready to love me and guide me.  She was soothing and trusting and reassuring.  She was gentle and calm.  She was everything I was looking for.

I’d be so honored to share this special day with you and lead you on an unforgettable journey.  I’d be honored to support you in stepping into self love and watching you reclaim your power.  You feeling ready to meet your higher self?  Thought so!  Let’s do this!

What the Retreat Entails:


After this retreat you will have a deep and profound connection with YOUR HIGHER SELF.  You will have a gentle, loving, soothing place to access within you WHENEVER you need it.  You will understand yourself in an entirely new light.  You will walk away connected to yourself and hopeful while soaring with confidence.  You will have a safe place to be right INSIDE OF YOU!  

You will be able to:

  • Call upon your intuition, develop a relationship with it and rely on it
  • Begin trusting yourself and stepping into yourself as a leader
  • Finally know how to have empathy and compassion for yourself
  • Finally know how to soothe yourself

If you've been needing to connect with yourself more, please do yourself the service of signing up NOW.  If you feel excited and intrigued by what you've read here then sign up NOW.  If you are deeply desiring confidence and a way to step into your power then please join us for this retreat and sign up NOW.


Though this is the first time I've run this retreat, I always introduce my amazing 1:1 clients to their higher selves.  Here's what one lovely lady had to say:

“”I am walking away with the unshakable foundation of knowing that my truth is always accessible to me and that my power to create whatever I want is within me wherever I go. Lexi’s coaching is like entering a sacred womb. Everything is honored in the most profound way and invited to open and unfold organically. She has access to the most profound wisdom I have encountered - I cannot recommend her enough!”
— Stephanie Lisa-Kelly