Love From Clients investment I have ever made.

"I’ve been working with Lexi for over a year and every single day I am grateful for her guidance and the work we’ve done together. 

Before I started working with Lexi I was spending a lot of energy navigating the world according to my inner critic and not enough time prioritizing my own self-care. I had difficulty feeling joy in my daily life because I was so weighed down with self-inflicted pressure to be more, do more and more and more and more. 

These days I am my own best friend. I am listening to my heart. I am kinder to myself and to those around me. Today I feel more grounded, more authentic and I easily feel the beauty and joy of my life. Working with Lexi continues to be one of the best investments I have ever made."

-Rosalee de la Foret


.....a sense of safety, compassion, empowerment and insight. 

"Lexi offers strong leadership paired with gentle companionship. The experience of inviting Lexi in was rewarded with a sense of safety, compassion, empowerment and insight. With curiosity and tenderness, she helped me explore areas of thought that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. Having Lexi as a life coach feels like writing great insights in your journal, and then having the journal speak to urge you onward and inward."

- BP,


........deep capacity to listen

" Lexi Koch is amazing! She has such a deep capacity to listen and radiates nothing but pure compassion. I sorted through and processed parts of my life that I felt were stuck and needed some clarity. And, Lexi makes some great suggestions for personal practices to further the deep work. I highly recommend her!"

-Tania Ortega Gonzalez -


........better version of myself today

"Lexi is liberating. Everyone should be so fortunate to have a Lexi in their lives.

Before I began my life-coach work with Lexi, I knew that change within myself was needed but I had no idea where to start or how to engage with my inner voice. It’s as if Lexi introduced me to myself for the first time. She taught me the many great possibilities of how we can acknowledge, accept and thrive from being more connected with our emotions and what that in turn can do to open doors in our lives and in our relationships. I walked away from every one of our sessions feeling empowered, enlightened and given concrete tools to apply to everyday life. I am a different and better version of myself today because of Lexi’s incredibly uplifting and guided support. I’ll say it again, everyone should be so fortunate to have a Lexi in their lives!"

-Lindsay Kalmakis,


“Since working with Lexi I have more resilience – because I’m able to tap into a safer safe inside myself. These sessions have given me a space to be shameless which has lead to resilience.

I notice myself having more authenticity outside of the sessions because of the work inside the sessions.

I’m finding there is so much less to be afraid of when I face it head on.

I’m coming into my own more and more every day.  Feeling more comfortable and more owning of myself. I have a willingness to check in with myself.  A willingness to slow down and have clarifying moments – I ask myself “What feels authentic to you in how you show up right now?” 

I can say I am more receptive/less resistant to whatever’s happening.”

-Adrianne Moore,


........unconditional love and acceptance. 

"I am walking away with the unshakable foundation of knowing that my truth is always accessible to me and that my power to create whatever I want is with me wherever I go. My favorite part of working with Lexi was knowing that everything would be met with unconditional love and acceptance.

Lexi's coaching is like entering a sacred womb. Everything is honored in the most profound way and invited to open and unfold organically. She has access to the most profound wisdom I have encountered - I cannot recommend her enough!"

-Stephanie Lisa Kelly


IMG_0842.jpg future now looks more whole and healthy

"Working with Lexi was like being in the company of your highest, wisest self and best friend combined. She is accepting and non-judgmental, so she’s easy to open up to. Lexi has a great mix of asking questions that led me to my own answers and giving support. From working with Lexi, I got tremendous insight and a great personalized tool that I can use to process all that insight and wisdom and move forward. My future now looks more whole and healthy."

-Cindy Jones Lantier

........I can have everything I need

"I went into my work with Lexi feeling like a strange layer of gauze was floating between me and life. Lexi's calm, compassionate, natural style of conversation helped me pull back that gauzy layer and re-expose the part of me that knows with all certainty that I can have everything that I need in both life and work--I don't need to choose between them."

-Amy Stork,

..............I highly recommend Lexi to anyone

"As someone who has done a lot of the work already and holds space for others, I need a coach who is very skilled and perceptive. Lexi is that coach. She embodies warmth, compassion and wisdom with the right kind of questions to wake you up to what is possible and how you might be limiting yourself in work, relationships and life. She creates a safe space to explore, play and access your own wisdom. She’s strong enough to be with strong emotions and stuck patterning while being highly empathetic, caring and heart-centered. I highly recommend Lexi to anyone on the path to wholeheartedness and personal discovery."

-Reise Tanner

.....She is a godsend for my life and now I'm able to tap into my intuition.

When I first started with Lexi I was trying to figure out the person inside of me who through cause and circumstances was shunted and scared. 

I knew that I had been doing this on my own for so long and truly couldn't succeed creating the life I wanted with all of these self defeating battles in my mind and body.

After working with Lexi, it became clear that my inner most being needed tenderness and love by ME. What a powerful sweep of emotion came over me and I gathered the strength I knew was in me to truly be me. 

She is a godsend for my life and now I'm able to tap into my intuition.  My relationships and love for myself has never been more powerful and a I now have a general feeling of excitement for all that I have done and will do for this world and time we're living in.

-Colleen O'Bryant