It's time to be helpful in this world AND feel like you can take care of YOU.

You are doing amazing work in this world but don't necessarily feel amazing.

Your energy and focus is often on "doing" the work or "getting things done" rather than creating and spreading your wings.  You feel spread waaaaay too thin.

As someone who loves to achieve, not being able to deliver on everything overwhelms you and your inner control freak that's been lurking under the surface has been unleashed.

I TOTALLY get it!  When I was running my nonprofit and my side business I felt the same way.  There was a low grade angst running inside of me all the time that I barely noticed because I was so busy.  I was exhausted to the bone from working but also from that voice inside that kept driving me on and on and on and on.

Just like me, you want to be helpful in this world.  But, you want to do so from a place of self worth, balance and presence.

Do any of these sound like you?

-You have no time to dream, explore or create amidst a full time job, kids, a husband, and the tactical/logistical demands of life.

-You have very little time to do anything well and certainly no time to take good care of yourself.  It's pretty much survival mode! 

-You have too much on your plate and as an over achiever not being able to deliver on everything overwhelms you.

-You become too diluted with all of the many ways that you feel called to create and be of service and so struggle to focus your efforts into something effective and tangible.

-Either you don't create time for yourself, or you're creating LOTS of time for yourself to the exclusion of others.  Finding that balance is really tough. 

-So many things deserve your effort and time but you can't find room for all of them and it's stressing you out.

In working with me, every sacred moment you and I spend together is customized to you and you’re specific challenges.

Some examples from women who have worked with me are:

- Danneen is a mom who noticed that she was yelling at her kids for the very first time.  After our work together she started scheduling less, quieting her mind, getting into her body and saying "no" more effortlessly.

-  Sophia, the Executive Director of an influential nonprofit felt completely overwhelmed by her job and life.  After our work together she fully embraced her own self-worth and knew without a doubt she was worthy of love and attention.   

- Juliana is a preschool teacher and business owner who CONSTANTLY had twelve too many things to do.  After our work together, she decided to continually make time for herself and what she needs.  She's traveling more, more present with her students during the days and has decided deep breathing throughout the day is her biggest ally.

Through this collaboration YOU will gain creative new ways of interacting with yourself. 

You will be able to breathe so much easier and be more present.

From there, your new skills and tools will last a lifetime.  Just from allowing yourself to peek inside from a different vantage point, you will continue to have deep insights long after our work is done.  

You will know how to take good care of YOU even while taking care of so many others (read: Boundaries, Self Care, Self Kindness, Allowing YOUR needs to be as important as everyone else's, MUCH better communication with everyone).  You will know how to prioritize yourself and when to turn it all off.  You will feel centered within yourself, have space to be yourself and participate in things you love without feeling 'have to's' or 'shoulds.'  You will tap into your creativity in ways you have never imagined and feel healthier than you have in years.  

Imagine each morning waking up knowing you've got this instead of "oh shit."

You can read books again, feel ok about some spa days, be more connected to your partner and your kids.

If this sounds like the change you are longing for, I would love to be your partner in this work.


- What types of people have you worked with?

I work with acupuncturists, herbalists, small business owners, independent contractors, nonprofit leaders, artists, teachers, healers, full time mamas and others who let their values determine how they spend their time.

-What will we focus on in each session?  Do you have a set formula for each client?

Each and every session will be customized and tailored to your unique needs.  Each session opens with a sacred, guided experience that sets the tone and creates complete safety to delve into what needs to be seen that week.  Generally, whatever triggers are showing up in your life during the week between our work together are the ones we explore.  Usually client's have a funny way of calling in exactly what they need to look at and learn while we are working together.  This way  have someone holding your hand and giving you courage to change in the ways you’ve been dreaming of.  

-How do you actually work with me and unlock my unique blocks and patterns?

The problems showing up in your life now are likely things that have not yet been resolved within you.  In our calls we will address these things by doing gentle and safe exercises that get to the very root of the issue and change your relationship with them.  We will then heal those places by allowing them.  You will know they are showing up because you will be triggered/overwhelmed/unhappy in your daily life and we will take those specific experiences that are happening in your daily life and gently probe beneath the surface to learn all that we can.  These wounds can effect you in all parts of your life from personal to professional.  The tools that I have will give you a new vantage point to view your life from.  Even people who have been in therapy for years or tried numerous other techniques find a uniquely fresh approach and clear out a totally new layer in working with me.  And, it's shocking how fast transformation takes place.

What are the guiding principles in your coaching world?

1. When you ALLOW any and all sensations and feelings, it is an opportunity to clear and release.

2.  The negative talk that we have in our heads limits our happiness on a daily basis.

3.  When we get frustrated/triggered by someone else it reflects something unintegrated in ourselves.

4.  When we meet ourselves and others wherever we or they are at with empathy everything changes.

5.  Learning how to communicate with others is a key practice.

6.  Taking 100% responsibility for yourself on every level is the radical shift between here and healing.

7.  Customized affirmations and visualizations along with simple mindset shifts can change your life.

8.  The problems you're experiencing in your day to day often come from your past wounds that are still trying to get your attention so they can be healed.

-How do I know if this is the right time for me to start this work with you?

  • Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, foggy, murky, about to burnout, burnt out, confused or are you lacking clarity? 
  • Do you have a lot of big decisions to make but can’t figure out how to move forward?
  • Do you know that you want to experience more joy than you currently are but somehow you can’t access it? 
  • Have you tried yoga, meditation, many classes, self help books and even therapy and still feel so stuck?  
  • Do you suffer from chronic exhaustion and/or low grade blah’s? 
  • Do you want to know yourself on the deepest level and move into the most empowered, sacred, true version of yourself?

If you answered YES, to any of the above, NOW is the time to start our work together.

-What might I see in my daily life after our calls that will show me that our work together is doing something?

You will know what to do in a way you never have before.  When hard situations arise, you will feel empowered in how you handle them.  You will believe in yourself.  You will feel a million times better in your mind and body.  You will take better care of yourself by hearing and listening to your unique feelings and needs.  You will be less scared and so much more courageous.  You will be more organized.  There will suddenly be more spaciousness in your life for exercise, friends, creativity, books, journaling, drawing, making music, crafting.  You will be excited to keep working through all of this because you will be looking at your life from such a different angle and be ready and open to undoing layer after layer after layer of your exhaustion, overwhelm and strife.

-How can you put a guarantee on your work?

Because the tools that I have work on every single client.  Because I've spent hundreds of hours practicing and every person I’ve ever worked with has been changed permanently.  Because the sacred space that we visit within the sessions are guarded by my spirit guides and angels and yours as well.  Because I’m a highly intuitive coach that knows exactly where to go next to guide you to the truth you need in the moment to bust down the mountains in your way. 

         "I walked away from every one of our sessions feeling empowered, enlightened and given concrete tools to apply to everyday life."  -LK

 "After working with Lexi, I am my own best friend. I am listening to my heart. I am kinder to myself and to those around me. Today I feel more grounded, more authentic and I easily feel the beauty and joy of my life. Working with Lexi continues to be one of the best investments I have ever made."" -RD

Here are the option to get you support right away!!

Hearing From Your Heart a Journaling Journey

~ Access to YOUR HIGHER SELF who will love you and bless you and teach long after this course is over. 
* FOUR LIVE coaching calls. 
* A group of inspiring women to share your journey with. 
* A private FB group to connect and ask questions in. 
* Journal prompts and thought/heart provoking questions to take you through your weeks. 
* Accountability to stick with your practices. 

Investment: $137

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Three Months of Sacred Support:

  • FREE 30 minute consult to make sure we're a great match.  This will be your chance to envision balance, time, space and the small steps you can begin to take toward self care.  I'll know where you're starting at and you'll know how I can support you in your goals.

  • Pre-session workbook to help you clarify the direction of our work together (People tend to love this part and have tons of insights JUST from this).  This comprehensive workbook is your helpful tool to begin the journey toward joy and self generative magic.  You will see exactly where you are stuck and become excited by what is possible. 

  • 10 sessions of one on one devoted coaching about and for YOU (All sessions via phone to make it possible to meet with anyone in the world)!  Our sessions will have you knowing without a doubt you are enough.  You will see what is holding you back from prioritizing yourself and with that knowledge you will begin to do just that.

  • Personalized tools given to use between calls to deepen the work and have you seeing shifts every day.  These EASY to integrate tools will keep the depth and clarity that you get in your sessions alive every day.  From them, you will learn how to care for yourself which in turn will have you more present for all your varied obligations.

  • Email support between calls so we can stay in touch between sessions, address any issues that come up, and help you to feel accountable to what you want. I want you to know I’m right by your side, even between sessions!

Investment: $797

Six month Option:

If you, like many of my clients, are wanting sustained support as you dive into the changes that will naturally evolve as you look at yourself from a new angle, this option is for you.  As you become more present to yourself, your feelings and find a flow that has been missing in your life, having weekly accountability and conversations can be the boost you need to keep this new self alive.  

  • All of the love listed above.
  • 20 weekly sessions over a period of six months.
  • A very special gift sent in the mail to YOU from ME.

Investment:  *$1497

* Payment plan available

One Time Deep Dive:

Are you looking for support right now, right away without having to commit yet?  I guarantee this one hour session will shift your vantage point and you will walk away with a huge bounty of new love and understanding for yourself that will last and last.

Give yourself this gift of having loving support, a new vantage point and a highly intuitive guide so you can bust through what's blocking you right away.

Investment: $97

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MY GUARANTEE TO YOU:  After our first session you will start experiencing shifts in yourself that you have not experienced before.  From there, I can guarantee each session will benefit your life more and more and more and more.

If you're ready to be successful without being burnt out, just click the button below and let's make this happen.

Do you want to stay in the fog of being spread too thin?  How will tomorrow be any different if you don't acknowledge that you are overwhelmed and that something needs to give?  Working together will give you the safety and tools to be successful in all areas of your life without the burnout.  You can make this work for you.

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