I am THRILLED you want to Listen In!

90 Minute Inner Voice Journey

Come along with me so I can introduce you to the kindest, most magical part of yourself.  Together we will journey inward. You, ready and open.  Me, intuitive and guiding.  We will go inside to the whispering voice within you that will show you the way from here to where you want to go and what you want to feel.

I have never guided these sessions without being able to reach that place and hear from that voice so if you’re thinking “what if I can’t do it,” YOU CAN!

Each one of us has the voice of our ancestors, guides, highest self and intuition all blooming together waiting to have enough quiet and enough space to be heard.

In these 90 minutes we’ll meet your sweet, sacred voice and ask it all the burning questions you have about the transition you are facing.

We’ll spend time swimming in these magical waters and really getting to know that voice so even after our time is done you can access it again and again and again.

You’ll walk away feeling grounded and present and joyful.  You’ll receive renewed hope and intuitive guidance like never before.

Investment: $90

Right this way if you feel ready!

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