Interpersonal skills are business skills.

Three Hours of Group Coaching for Your Nonprofit or Values Based Company

Every organization needs to honor their staff by providing opportunities for professional development annually.  When staff don't feel honored, trusted, given ample space and time for innovation and rest, they are less productive.  Without tools that are a part of the organization's culture, not everyone is playing on the same field.

As someone who has founded a nonprofit, been an active board member, is a life coach, social worker and yoga teacher I GET how important playing off of each others strengths and honing interpersonal skills is to having a thriving culture that retains staff and boosts productivity.  By honoring staff to explore their strengths and values, it builds a culture of trust and connectivity that ultimately serves clients and creates the best possible work environment for everyone.

Does this sound like your organization?

  • Everyone is doing great work but it seems like they are really stressed, tired and overwhelmed a lot of the time.

  • Some staff members clearly have issues they aren't talking about because they come out in awkward moments or in outbursts.

  • The team in general is doing great but could certainly use some recognition for the incredible hard work they are always doing.

By investing in trainings like this the culture of your organization will have the opportunity to shift in ways that:

Bring health and joy to each staff member.

Bring increased productivity so every dollar spent is well spent.

Serve your clients in even more profound and helpful ways.

Create a cohesive team amongst staff so that everyone understands each other better and has concrete tools to use when times are going great or times are harder.

Here's what's included:

- Three hours of in-depth facilitation:  This sets the container for the experience and makes sure each participant has equal power and voice.  By having a trained life coach in the room, people will have space to explore their experience honestly and have professional support in doing so.

-Check-In:  This gives each person the chance to really get present for the training and get the most out of it.

-Mindfulness practice:  This portion of the training explains why mindfulness can be so useful in the work place or any place and shows participants how to bring it into their everyday.

-Strengths building activities:  By seeing where our strengths are, we can choose jobs that align with our ability to be most happy and most productive.  By seeing each others strengths and values, we understand our teammates in new ways and open new channels for empathy.

-Communication skills:  Since we all come from different places and were taught to communicate in different ways, these activities teach universal communication skills to be used with each other and with clients.  Having practice communicating in a healthy way is a proven skill for success.

-Conflict/Blame management:  Conflict is an unavoidable part of life.  By learning tools for when it arises, staff will gain confidence in managing conflict and blame.  Concrete tools and practice will be provided.

-Check Out:  Everyone will have the chance to state where they are landing as the training comes to a close.


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