You Are Good Enough!

I heard Oprah say that out of everyone she's ever interviewed, from Beyonce to a mass murderer, when they step off the stage, they want to know, "Did I do OK?" or in other words: 

Am I Enough?
Do You See Me?
Am I Lovable?

Let's face it, we all want the exact same thing.  We all want to feel enough and to feel seen and to feel lovable.

Well, I'm here to tell you that that journey starts from within.  Most likely many of us are carrying around Stories that tell us we are not enough and not lovable based on things that happened long, long ago.

The fix is an inside job. 

The fix is to stop insulting ourselves, doubting ourselves, questioning ourselves and letting everyone else's truth be true for us.

The fix is to meet ourselves with EMPATHY.

So what is empathy exactly?  It's being vulnerable enough to admit the feelings we have and the needs we have.  It's being vulnerable enough to meet others in those same hard feelings and needs because we can relate to them and we're willing to get on their level.

It's saying to yourself, "Yeah, you're feeling tired today.  I see that."


"Yeah, you really have a need to be seen and loved for all of the effort you are putting into that project/relationship/job.  I see you and I love you for it."

Have you ever noticed you're really drawn to people who are OK being vulnerable around you? When they open up and let you in, it's so cozy and attractive?  But you, on the other hand, N O way.  You don't want to let others in, it's too damn scary.  Well, vulnerability is what brings connection and empathy and authenticity.  And, empathy towards ourselves gives us the safety to know it's ok to open up and be vulnerable.  That we're not too weird or too different or too anything to be seen and to be loved.

Empathy is meeting ourselves where we are at.  Wherever we are at, even if it's dark, lonely, ugly and scary.  Or if it's vulnerable and tender.  Even if it's light and buoyant and easy and clear.  It's meeting ourselves over and over and over again right where we are at and watching as it changes.

Empathy fuels connection and is a practice.

In the comments, tell me one way you can meet yourself where you are TRULY at today (does not have to be a "pretty" story)

If you feel like whenever you state your opinions and needs you are overbearing or needy. Or if you think you need to apologize for your opinions and are ready for more self assurance so you CAN meet yourself where you are at (even when it's uncomfortable) grab a complimentary 30 minute call so that we can find out if we are a good match to help you completely transform these old patterns and step into confidence and self assurance.