I Have To Yell "STOP" At Myself


I literally have to yell that inside at myself sometimes in order to get myself to stop continuously thinking thoughts that scare me or stress me out.  I notice I get into certain repetitive thought patterns that don’t serve me and unless I take back control, my mind just runs with it and I’m suddenly victim to my crazy mind.

Have you ever had this happen to you?

-Maybe you’re already feeling a little nervous about something and then you can’t stop thinking about it and suddenly your bit of nervousness turns into an ocean of feelings that are drowning you?

-You have a difficult conversation with a friend and you can’t stop thinking and processing and stewing over it?  You turn it over in your mind again and again and again.

-Or, you call yourself names like “stupid, forgetful, lame, dumb, unfriendly, bitchy, disgusting, foolish, dorky” and you can’t let go?  You drudge up all the Stories to prove how true these labels really are.

I invite you to try my simple “STOP!” method.

Of course the first step is catching yourself in these patterns of mental self abuse.

And then when you do, having the courage and strength to change the course your thoughts are on.

It’s definitely like training a new muscle.  At first it feels really hard and weak but soon enough, you’ll be able to change the course of your thoughts and keep them heading in a direction that serves you instead of hurts you.

After you’ve pressed the stop button, you can start thinking about ideas that serve you.  For instance, when I get nervous about my big day tomorrow, I press “STOP” and begin telling myself what potential gifts lie ahead, or showing myself what is flowing and working in my life or giving thanks for all that is happening.  It sounds almost trite, doesn’t it? But, it works every time.

I’m curious to know how you think this tool might be useful in your life?  Feel free to share in the comments