Stepping Into Confidence and Knowing

So much to celebrate and ponder and give thanks for. So much to navigate, experience, question. Solstice energy, holiday energy, family of origin, chosen family. Isolation, connection. So much depth this time of year.

It is a ritual in our culture to ponder the year past and intend into the year future. But let's not do it unless we're going to do it all the way and take full responsibility for ourselves, claiming what we were and claiming where we're going. Because, I mean really, what's the point of making a "resolution" for a minute and then letting it drop the next?

So I'm here to provide you with some guidance to look inward to help you gain a vision of where you want to head.

My husband and I are in the process of manifesting our new homestead and we have fun hanging out pretending like it's already ours. We talk about how much we love all the details we're dreaming of and we give thanks and enjoy like we've already manifested it. It's powerful stuff and even if it never comes to fruition, we're enjoying the now by acting like we already have all we want.

As I walk into this next year, I know it continues to be my job to honor my core value of connection. To fill my own cup as I fill others. To speak from truth and meet others with empathy in all situations. I vote with my dollar without compromise. I respect my sensitive nerves and treat them as such.

This whole intending thing doesn't have to belittle us or show us what we're not enough of. It can celebrate us and be enjoyable too.

So here goes.......................... 

What are you celebrating?

What have you accomplished this year, both big and minute. Let's not replace our accomplishments with lists of what we have to do next but truly take the time to write down at least 10 things that we have already accomplished.

What do you have in your life already that you want more of?

What do you have already that you are truly grateful for? Truly proud of? Truly having a better life because of?

Take the time to celebrate, honor and recognize what's working already.

What are you willing to do feel the way you want to feel?

What and how do you want to feel? And from there, what will you do to honor that truth within yourself and follow it into creation?

What are you willing to give up? What are you willing to claim? What support will you need to acquire for yourself? What questions will you need to ask?

You are the tender steward of your life.

It is your job to notice where you are out of alignment and to make the necessary shifts to get yourself back on track. As you think about all of the beauty that you want to create in your life, ask yourself honestly about what you are willing to do to make those dreams and prayers a reality.

What are you ready to let go of that no longer serves you?

Release release release.

What's toxic in your life that you keep around entirely based on "should's?" What answer came to mind immediately that you then stuffed back down because it seemed too far fetched or selfish?

What might it look like if you did release what isn't working? Who could you be?

What will your happiest day look like?

Now play the game of acting like that day is happening today and start saying out loud about how amazing today already is. How great all your dreams coming to fruition feel. FEEL AS IF. ACT AS IF. It's a really fun game!