I'm Tired of Fear Telling Me I'm Not Lovable


I generally start with fear.

Fear that I'm not good enough to succeed.
Fear that I'm fucking up my child.
Fear that I'm not lovable and beautiful enough to be worthy of the love I'm shown.
I get a compliment and on the outside I'm grateful and inside I either ignore or disagree......immediately.  It sucks.

Can you relate?!

But I'm done.  I'm catching it all. I'm catching it in a new context.

I can see now how all of this self degradation separates me.  That I decide in me I'm separate, I'm different, I'm awkward, I'm less than every time I do this.  I've come to see how this separation is my EGO.  And I'm done.  I don't need to be separate, in fact let me take as many steps as I can every single day to stop separating but rather to connect.

For years now, I've intended to LIVE from LOVE.  I do in fact achieve that intent in lots of ways.  Two decades ago, I created a sticker that said LIVE LOVE and handed it out every chance I got.  Over the years, the meaning has become more and more clear to me.  Each time I learn a new aspect of myself it clicks and I get LIVE LOVE even more.

Today here's how I see it.  I can either LIVE SEPARATION (EGO) or LIVE LOVE (INTUITION/HIGHER SELF/HEART).  When I catch myself in the process of separating myself to prove to myself how not enough I am of this or that, I pause and connect with my higher self.  Always, always, always, always, there is a soft place there waiting to catch me with benevolence and.......l o v e.  It literally can take 20 seconds in the middle of a conversation with my husband (clearly we spend a lot of time together as I'm always referencing him these days) to catch how I'm internally putting myself down, separating myself from him or love or other and reshape the conversation.

When I allow my higher self, my kinder self to show me that I am in fact lovable somehow I believe it.  When I quiet the EGO that's been around and loud for so long and I don't try to believe what's true about me from others around me, I truly and wholly drink it in and start to believe.  It's soothing.  It's safe.  It's life changing.

If you don't have this direct line to love open yet inside of you I just created a new resource for you guys.  It's an audio recording and five daily journal prompts for you to meet your higher self and begin to connect with her.  Meet your higher self HERE. 

If you already know how to access that soft place within you, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  Use that resource. The more you invite her in, the LOUDER she will get and the more space she will take up.  Practice is what strengthens EVERYTHING, right?!

Choose LOVE as many times as you can everyday!

If you have friends that you know can benefit from this resource please share this audio tool with them.  I want as many women as possible connecting with their higher selves and hearts as possible.  It's one of the main reasons I'm here.  Just copy this link:  www.lexikoch.com/meetyourhigherself and share it in an email with your peoples!