How To Find Your Inner Compass and Start Using It Today

"I don’t have my own inner compass. I'm not in touch enough to know when I feel most like myself. I feel like I always take on what I think other people think of me vs. what my heart of heart’s really wants to do, because of that, a lot of my decisions have been fear based throughout my life."

Does any of that resonate for you? Are you also searching for your own inner compass? Do you notice a lot of your decisions are based out of fear? Have you spent most of your life outside of yourself and trying to be in the head's of the people in your life so you can be liked and approved of?

Well, me too!! I have an intimate relationship to this dynamic. And I'm also deeply in the process of reclaiming my own inner truth and inner voice.

I'll tell you what it takes to make this shift. It's a process of: 

* Radical acceptance (of ourselves and others) 

* Time every day connecting to ourselves. So commitment, day after day after day. 

* Being willing to look at ourselves on every uncomfortable layer and use the information to learn more. 

* Failing at times in order to learn and keep moving toward trusting and listening to ourselves. 

* Experiencing the gut voice/intuition and establishing a relationship to it that gives us guidance and a sense of comfort.

When I list out the steps, the process of re-engaging our inner compass and ending a life of fear based decisions can feel big and overwhelming. But it truly just starts with one step and the commitment to that one step, day after day after day.

If you pause right now and ask yourself, what one small step might I take to start using my own inner compass, what is your answer?


Allow the answer to arise.

It's fascinating in my work with amazing clients that literally every question that I ask, there is an answer. Even the toughest and deepest and most profound. I have never had a client say to me, "I just don't know." With enough time, something ALWAYS arises and this is true for YOU too. There is an answer to a step you can take today to reconnect with your own inner compass and the only answer you need comes from within you.

So you might decide to start journaling to your intuition or letting your higher self write a letter to you every day or sit for five minutes every morning and feel your sensations or walk for five minutes chanting your favorite mantra. You have the answer. You have the first step.

Are you willing to listen?