How To Finally Step Up Your Journaling Game In The Most Soothing Way Ever


Do you have a journaling practice? Or have you always wanted to have one but just aren’t quite sure where to begin?

Usually when I ask this question people have a surprisingly strong reaction.

They’ll say things like:

-I’ve been wanting to journal forever but…………….

-I love journaling but I never know what to write…………

-I used to journal and it was the best but I haven’t done it in so long.

-I do journal but feel like there's a way my journaling could be more powerful for me.

-I journal every now and again and love it but I don’t do it much.

I’ve noticed in myself after going through years of my own journals that year after year after year, I complained about the exact same things.  Reading back through them was actually depressing instead of insightful.  I noticed my same troubles kept cropping up in different circumstances.  I felt like I’d have big AHA’s in my journal but then I wouldn’t take any practical steps to make any changes in my day to day. It kind of seemed like I just sat there to write so I could complain.  Ughhhh.

Until now, now I’ve started taking an entirely new approach to journaling that soothes me like no practice I’ve ever tried before.  That meets me wherever I am at, comes off the page with me into my daily life and helps me feel more intuitive, grounded and connected to myself. Ahhhhhhh sweet relief!

Imagine having a being whose voice resides within you that loves you unconditionally, that makes you feel capable and enough and perfect just the way you are.  A benevolent voice that will gladly help you problem solve and give you strength when you feel stuck or low.

Sounds like a (maybe impossible) dream, right!?

Well, I’m here to tell you that voice exists within you and you can find her in your journal writing practice.  It can be as simple as meeting this part of yourself and allowing it the space to come into your life and take up residence.  Your journal is a perfect place to have this relationship bloom and blossom.

When we open to this part of ourselves, we begin to accept where we are at RIGHT now and feel present in our current lives instead of always trying to change things or want them to be different.  We often hope we can control something outside of ourselves for the answer or the change and that almost always comes up fruitless. A struggle I'm sure many of us are exhausted by.

When we open to this part of ourselves, we usher in love and compassion for ourselves in a new way.  And not just in the moment of writing in our journals but we’re able to maintain that attitude toward ourselves.

When we open to this part of ourselves, we feel lighter, more open hearted and more consistently kind to others.  We find more flow with ourselves so we can pay better attention to ourselves and stop neglecting our needs, wants, feelings and desires.

It can be scary to trust that this is possible.  It can be scary to tap into our highest selves and let them speak to and through us.  But our journals are the perfect safe and private place to allow this beautiful relationship to unfurl.

So we can either just put journaling off for another week or year.  We can keep telling ourselves we’re not good at it, keep complaining to ourselves in our journals for months on end allowing our inner critics to run our lives on and off the page.

Or and this is a big OR……………..

You can connect in with that all loving, benevolent part of yourself that wants to support you and love you and sees you in love at all times.  And you can call her onto your journaling pages.  We can try something new.  Something outside of complaining and fearing and wanting the world around us to be different.

Journaling with ourselves in a new way is a H U G E step to loving ourselves in a new way.

When we feel we have a fall back for when life gets hard, scary, overwhelming and/or we feel stuck, anxious and sad, we step into a new sense of confidence and new sense of possibility.

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