How To Hear Your Heart

Do you wonder how to actually hear, let alone trust, the messages of your heart?

In today's busy, hectic, overwhelming, stimulating world, how are we supposed to hear our heart's?!

I want you to know that the voice of your heart is not so far away. That is yearns to be heard by you and honored. That it's right there waiting to sing you sweet lullabies and guide you gently like the sweetest mama.

The thing is it might be timid at first. It might take some time for it to feel safe coming out to share it's messages with you.

Imagine a little girl who has tried her best to express her needs to the world. Without emotional maturity her needs don't always come out clearly and succinct and so the world doesn't always understand her. Slowly, over time, she retreats. She doesn't feel seen or heard. She's not sure if she fits or is even wanted.

Finally.......... someone gets her and has enough time and space to see her fully. They beckon her to join them in life and all it's many winding adventures. But, she's a bit wounded. She's a bit shy from her journey so far and so she doesn't just blindly trust and jump on board. She hesitates and waits and ponders and tests.

This little girl is your heart that's been ignored or belittled or shamed for some time now.

She's ready to come out and be your greatest gift, biggest teacher and trusted ally but she needs a whole bunch of reassurance that you'll hear her and trust her and listen. She needs a whole lot of patience that you want her voice around.

So give it time as you claim your feelings and your needs. Give yourself time as you invite your intuition to guide you. You may at first hear silence and that might lead to doubt. You may at first doubt and that might lead to shame.

But I beckon you to throw kindness at your heart's voice, to throw gentleness at her. I beckon you to be as patient as you would on your very best day with a baby in your care.

I see it in my client's all the time that the first step to uncovering their authentic selves and heart's voice is deep resistance and fear. It's uncomfortable but they hang out there and keep going. They allow the discomfort and confusion.

The layers that live beyond those places of fear and doubt and resistance and sabotage are the layers of peace and presence and play they have been seeking for a long, long time.

I beckon you to do the same.