According to Her I Suck In A Lot of Ways

We were driving home yesterday from a long day of taking our son to Children's Hospital.  At some point surrounding every one of those trips, my emotions kick in whether it's a bit of PTSD or fear or overwhelming, excruciating love.  Anyway, we're driving home and I'm taking pause in myself, trying to rest while my headache throbs.  I notice all of my thinking and work to quiet it all down.  It's a job I tell you.  I keep paying attention and then I lose focus and I'm wayyyyyyy the heck down the river with my thoughts.

I catch one.  I see what I've been doing.  I've been insulting myself. Showing myself what a fraud I am. I'm sitting there thinking about how untrue I am, how fake.  And my head throbs on.................

But I caught it and I know what to do from here.  I call in my higher self, the sweet, sweet soul that's got my back and loves me so thoroughly and believes in me so devotedly.  She trusts me that I'm doing the right thing.  She pours love at me not doubt and disbelief and guilt and shame.  She appears immediately when I call her in and she bows to me.  She bows and nods and bows again.  She reminds me I'm doing it all perfectly for me and that I remembered to call her in and that's a huge part of my success right now.

She bows and bows and bows.  I immediately stop judging myself and criticizing myself but rather believe her whole heartedly because it resonates. It FEELS true.

When I sat down to write this, I couldn't even remember the whole ordeal.  I had to sit here for a while to call it back.  **I had cleared it.**  Literally, all I could remember was the bowing and the nodding and the feeling that came with that affirmation.

How often are you catching yourself hanging out with your inner critic?  How often are you paying attention to the root of your exhaustion and anxiety and fear and feelings of judgement?  How often do you catch it so you can shift it and really know yourself and what is going on within you?

So two things:

**1.** We won't be able to change it if we don't even know what's happening.  So for the rest of today, PLEASE pay attention to your thoughts.  PLEASE pay attention to your inner mean girl.  She's actually not that hard to catch once you're looking for her.  What does she say to you?  What threats and insults does she use?

**2.** When you catch her, know that at one point she came along to PROTECT you.  She kept you in line and kept you safe in whatever situation you found yourself.  So she's not someone that we want to exile.  We just want another option at hand for when she comes in.  One that is more in tune and more representative of your intuition and your heart and where YOU really are at TODAY!

I want to introduce you to a way to meet YOUR HIGHER SELF, the part of you that will bow and nod to you a second after you catch yourself insulting yourself (I mean, pretty amazing, right!?).  Yes, you do have to give me your email to get the gift from me, but in exchange this gift has the power to truly and finally alter the relationship with yourself.  Here's the link.

I'm seeing that this is the way in for my people.  This is the key that unlocks a new door for people's journey and I WANT TO SHARE IT.  I want to SPREAD IT.  I want you to have this audio and these reminders from me.  I want you to experience a benevolent soul bowing at you and nodding at you and loving at you even when another part of you is showing you how wrong and stupid and worthless you are.