Guest Post

Finding Peace and Fulfillment through Connection to YOU

By Addie K. Martin


Hi, I’m Addie K Martin, and I’m excited to be here with you today. I’m a writer and a part-time life coach who focuses on helping women find peace and comfort in meaningful connections — not only interpersonal connections with other people, but also (and more importantly!) connection with the self, the personal connection. Today I’m focusing on self-connection and the part that plays in a meaningful life.

Over the course of my work, I’ve found that it's essential to start with self-connection. A meaningful connection with yourself is essential to creating satisfying connections with others.

If you aren’t attuned your own needs, wants, and desires (the basis for self-connection), then you’re not yet in the best position to experience meaningful connection with others. The good news is that with some effort and the desire to create that connection, you can embark on the self-connection path any time. 

For me, the journey to self-connection came a little later in life. I spent my teens, 20s, and most of my 30s not realizing that I didn’t have much of a self-connection. My weight had shot up over the course of several years, and my happiness had taken a slow, but steady, dive.

Being fed up with all of this, I finally began to soul search because something needed to change. Shortly thereafter, I realized the problem: I’d always assumed I had some type of self-connection, but the truth was I didn’t know what that meant. 

Now I know what a healthy and thriving self-connection looks like. Naturally, it’s different for everyone, and for me, it mainly looks like taking time for exercise, paying attention to what I eat and drink, and being mindful of my thoughts. Also, being aware of and in touch with my feelings was a huge break through for me.

Further, this change isn’t something that happens overnight. In fact, I’m still in the middle of my transformation, but I already see its effects on my life. Because I’m paying more attention to what’s happening, I notice myself having more to give to those who are important to me.

When you’re living a connected life, peacefulness, happiness, and contentedness become more accessible to you. Your senses of peace and well-being increase. 
Further, with deliberate practice and patience, you can grow a deeper bond with yourself.

Just like friendships and partnerships take time to mature and develop, so goes the self relationship. At first you might not even feel as though you like yourself much. That’s okay if that’s where you are because as you deliberately get to know yourself, you learn to better understand yourself. Get curious and take the opportunity to discover and explore.  

If you’re feeling disconnected or longing for peace and satisfaction in life, start by checking on your self-connection. Are you in-tune with your feelings, desires, and needs? If the answer is anything other than a firm YES, take time to dig into these things. Strengthen the bond with yourself. Think more about what you want and what you need. Learn to take comfort in your own company.

It’s vital to delve into this process to develop meaningful relationships and connections with those who are important to you. You’re worth the effort, and I’m sure you’ll agree that those people are worth the effort as well. In the end, there’s nothing to lose and happiness, peace, and comfort to be gained.


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