The Topic That Keeps Coming Up...........

I constantly find myself educating around allowing ourselves to actually feel the things that our body, mind and spirit are wanting us to feel.

Why is this so important? Why does this topic keep coming up in my life and my client's lives?

Because when we allow ourselves to feel what is really happening, things get easier. And when we allow ourselves to really feel what's happening we open up to more love and more grace and more compassion and more empathy. And who doesn't want that?

So how does this work again?

Let me give you an example from my own life...........

I've had a lot of really strong feelings come up this last week. I just moved from my heart's home across the mountains to the sea and I'm feeling all the feels about it! Today it's exciting and full of potential. Yesterday it was terrifying and lonely.

My old mode of operation would be to clamp down like crazy on the feelings of fear and loneliness and angst and longing. Kind of getting trapped in them.

When we clamp down on a feeling or can't stand a feeling, it actually shows up even STRONGER.

So my new mode is to RECOGNIZE and NAME what it is I'm feeling and literally invite it in. Invite it to be here 100% all the way, totally and completely even when it sucks.

Whenever I do this, the feelings pass quickly and I can watch myself move onto the next feeling.

While the "hard" feelings have been showing up in full force, as I've invited them in I've simultaneously been experiencing a deeper connection and magnetism to all things than I've ever felt before! And I'll tell you it's incredible to experience!

So how can you apply this to your own life?

1. Know that every feeling that comes through you is OK to feel. That each one will come and pass, even the "good" ones.

2. When you feel something you'd rather not, pause, notice and invite it in by saying something like "Hey fear, I'm feeling you and hearing you big time right now. I'm making dinner, you can come if you want." Watch especially for the ones you might ordinarily shrug off like disappointed, regretful, hurt.......

3. Watch and notice yourself experiencing feelings coming and going faster. When you allow yourself the full range of emotion that is YOU, your whole being is liberated. Not stuck behind ideas of what is Ok to feel and what isn't. When you notice others around you having feelings, you can allow them to be and feel whatever it is that is truly coming up for them without getting triggered, defensive, jealous, scared, worried, etc. You can allow them just like you allow you. 

I invite you into this practice so that you can experience a greater connection to all things. So that you can be healthy in your emotional body-the one that feels for you but is not seen. So that you can expand your range and with that feel more joy and spaciousness and presence and patience and creativity than you have in a while.

Please let me know how it goes in the comments.

Also, have you heard about my new FB group? I would LOVE to have you join us there.  It's an intimate space to share from your heart and deepen beyond overwhelm and being spread too thin. I'm there everyday to lend support and love and help members hear what their hearts have to say!