The Women Who ~GIVE~GIVE~GIVE~ (and still take care of themselves): #4

In this interview series, we'll hear from powerful women who give, give, give.  In our short chats together we discuss how they are giving of their hearts to this world AND how they take care of themselves in the midst of all that output.

Each woman has some special tips for you to apply to your own life as you pour your heart into your life's purpose.

Cailen is a a clarity coach for women.  She helps them get really clear on what they desire in their lives + businesses and then create a thoughtful plan of inspired action to get there.

She has worked with 1000's of women to help them get on a clear path to success.  She also has a 16 month old daughter at home.  Clearly she gives a lot.

Today, learn about:

<> What happens when Cailen becomes rigid like she's wearing metal armor.

<> Little ways to keep yourself on the list even with a little one at home.

<> Giving yourself permission to keep evolving.

We’d love to hear what ideas in this video might be useful for you in your own life. Enjoy!!