What Would You Do With All The Confidence In the World?

You’ve finished taking yet another course.  I mean really, you’ve been studying this stuff all your life.  When you were little, you always felt a connection with plants.   It was something deep and innate inside of you.  Your whole life you’ve noticed them in ways no one around you did.  You’ve believed in their healing powers forever.  That’s why you treat your family with herbal medicine whenever possible, and it works!  You know what you’re doing.  Or………do you?

You’re friends and family seem to get great results when you give them tips and wisdom but you’re still not sure you have quite enough knowledge collected to help just anyone.  I mean, what if someone wants help with something you have no idea about?  Or what if you freeze and don’t know what to say?

Really, who do you think you are claiming to be the expert here?

I’ll tell you who you are, you are a sensitive soul who knows enough and has learned enough and has enough confidence and intuition and brains to do anything you want in life.

You just need a little help believing that yourself.

You’re hiding behind your cloak of fear of putting yourself out there because the minute you do, you become vulnerable.  Vulnerable to feedback, judgment, criticism and hey, maybe even huge accolades, gratitude and changing people’s lives!

Your excuses about being too introverted, not being well-read enough, or about it not being the right time are limiting mindsets that are keeping you stuck.  At this point you have two options, right?

Option #1: Keep your passion as a hobby and work your day job,


Option #2: Break through the limiting beliefs that you aren’t this or that enough to do what you love and do best.

I get it.  I’ve worked with many, many women who are breaking free from old beliefs within themselves so they can finally live who they really, really are in their hearts.

I’ve supported stay at home moms who turned into extremely joyful professionals and professionals turned into joyful stay at home moms.  I’ve seen women go from an empty client roster to a full one just by shifting the language and energy they put into the world about themselves and their businesses.

In fact, I’ve done and continue to do this work on myself. 

As I’ve explored for myself and worked with others, I’ve been able to pinpoint some ways that smart, well-educated, intuitive and sensitive women get stuck in these limiting beliefs, and what to do about it.

#1:  Add to your confidence account.  By taking courageous action (meaning acts that scare you but you do them anyway) on a daily basis you build up your confidence account so you can debunk your own stories.

#2:  Look at situations that you label as “failures” and re-name them, “case studies.” Study them and glean everything you can from them.  When you use your failures as opportunities for growth so you can do it better next time, you become less afraid and more masterful in yourself.

 #3:  Ask yourself in each situation, “Will this choice help or hurt my confidence?”  Walk boldly toward the situations that will help your confidence.

 #4:  Paint yourself a mental (or physical) picture of where you want to be in six months from now in terms of pursuing your goals.  Go into as much detail as you possibly can.  What will it FEEL like to be living into your potential?  What circumstances will be true for you?  Dream BIG here.  Go all the way and then take action steps starting today that lead you toward that vision.  Check in with how you are spending your time and see if it is leading you toward that vision.

Most of the time, a few simple tweaks of your mindset and how you manage your confidence account will make a huge difference in how you live your life and your dreams.