Stressed and Overwhelmed and Need to Know How to Admit It?

I’ve met you before, (in fact you are just like me and most of my friends) you want everyone in your life to feel happy.  You want to be sure you are thoughtful toward your mother-in-law, pack the right lunch for your kid, not make a single mistake at work and have a nutritious dinner for your family at the right time, on the table at night.  Oh and then there’s your social media account and the volunteer thing you said you’d do.  Oh yeah and your husband wants some intimate time with you like yesterday. 

You’re running on empty but, you’re still running.

Well, of course you are tying to do all of that.  I mean, look at everyone around you.  They’re all pulling it off without a hitch.  Most of your friends are professionals and moms and half of them even have their own gardens and triathlon schedules.

But, you do catch yourself wondering at times if you can keep this up.  You’ve noticed that your patience with your little one is waning by the day.  Instead of hanging at the beach like you used to on your prized days together, you notice you snap a lot more often and a lot faster.  You’re yelling and you didn’t used to.  You’re on your phone a lot, partially to keep up and partially to numb out from trying to keep up.  The beach is starting to sound far and like too much work so you just head to the local park, again.

You’re freakin’ exhausted.  Like pretty much every day.  It’s a lot and you wonder what’s gonna happen to you and your family if you let one thing slip?

Did you know it’s normal that you might be feeling overwhelmed given the circumstances?  Did you know that even if you don’t, I DO give you permission to feel like it’s too much and to even feel angry and angsty sometimes?

Maybe the women around you are keeping up but maybe, YOU’RE NOT. You might be wanting to take a beat to assess how the hell you’re going to keep juggling this many balls and not end up an angry, old, stressed out, forgetful lady.

I want you to know I give you permission to take that beat.  I give you permission to read this article in search of the answer of how to admit that you're overwhelmed.

Imagine that just from admitting you have too much on your plate to carry at one time, you go from frenzied and mad to enjoying entirely, with your phone on airplane mode, that moment on the beach with your little one.  You build that sand castle with her as she giggles and the wind blows her curls gently.  The sun is so warm on your face it feels healing.  You are with her 100% for the moment and it is enough for both of you.

Imagine from admitting your overwhelm, you begin to set little goals for yourself that feel achievable and they are just for YOU.  Each day you start with one minute of jumping jacks and you know throughout the day that you’ve accomplished that heart rate rising moment for you.  And it gives you a little boost of energy and chutzpa in a needed moment of doubt.

You start to figure out the little ways that you can recognize when you’re getting to that point of anger and stop it within you before it unleashes on others.

You start to know yourself well enough to say no to adding another thing on your plate.  And, you feel well enough to connect intimately with your partner more regularly.

The change is at your fingertips.  Admitting your overwhelm is the first step.