She Told Me WHAT About Life Coaches?

Recently I was hanging out with a dear friend at the skate park as our children whooped it up on their bikes. Our conversation had roamed to many deep and lovely topics and then landed on her saying "I've kind of judged LIFE COACHES as only for the totally privileged. I mean, c'mon a coach for your life? The only people who get that are totally privileged."


In that moment I was a little surprised. Of course, she knows exactly what I do for a living. She knows exactly how sacred my work is. How my clients think of me as a midwife for their souls not somebody who "fixes their lives."

So I mentioned out loud that I TOTALLY didn't agree with her assessment. And we moved on. But my response to her has been brewing inside me. I feel so blessed that she is a dear friend who I feel safe disagreeing with and coming back to with my response.

So here it goes:

Life has gotten SO freakin' complicated. Women have taken on SO many new roles over the years. We work and we tend the home, we grow babies inside of us and raise them with massive intention. We live in a time of political embroilment, Mother Earth retaliation, the rights of women still questioned.

We have more options and choices and opportunities than ever before but we haven't had the chance to disarm from all the ones we used to have. We have tons of options but not equal rights.

For generation upon generation upon generation there have been heavy expectations of us ladies. We are often expected to be OK with less pay for equal work and more on our to-do lists than is humanly possible.

We quiet our desires to fit into some mold of what we think we "should" be. We say yes when we mean no. We overcommit. We try our best to not upset others or get judged. We are feminine goddesses on a monthly cycle working to fit into a masculine system.

We pour our energy out, out, out rarely pausing to pour back inward.

We are just expected to be OK no matter what. But........we're not.

We're totally overwhelmed, overcommitted, stressed, anxious and depressed. We're heavy and overloaded. We're juggling it all.

So NO, we don't need someone to coach our life. But, YES we do need someone to tenderly listen to us. To give us a place to express what's in our hearts and our dreams. Yes, we need a moment away from work and children to express and believe in what else is possible and to have someone to encourage us to speak our truths, to live into our vulnerability, to make choices that support our health, to say NO to all the asks. To be in integrity so we can take care of ourselves as we take care of everyone else.

If every woman I know had a soul midwife(aka life coach), our world would be a flourishing place full of empowered women. And our world is becoming that. More and more women are stepping into leadership roles. More and more women are courageously combining our roles of the past and our roles of the now into a new twist of feminism.

What might be possible in your life if you had someone to process with? Someone to share what's truly inside of you with? Someone to midwife your spirit and heart and intuition into the forefront of your life? It'd feel pretty freakin' empowering, huh?

I'm gonna forward this post on to my friend now. I hope I cleared anything up that you might have been wondering about too. If not, feel free to email me and let’s chat!