Three Things to Celebrate From My Year

A need to recount, record and share is upon me.


It's the solstice time. When the light slowly, ever so slowly, returns and I want to count my blessings and record my lessons in this time.

So here I go, my biggest personal takeaway's from 2018. It is my intention that in sharing these, you will recognize your own growth over this last boisterous year. I also hope you find inspiration to chart a course of new growth for the year ahead.

1. I meet my needs and they give me superhuman strength. 

I've finally become someone confident enough to prioritize my own needs even when it feels in opposition to other's expectations or requests. It is so wildly liberating. It is so wildly empowering!

In knowing myself intimately enough to meet my needs, I feel deeply confident and grounded.

I know how to take enough time and space away from other's so that I'm nearly un-triggerable. I know how to reset when I'm drained, how to say no even when it's super awkward and how to stoke my inner fire and refill if I only have 30 seconds to do so.

It is freaking fantastic to feel this and I highly recommend it!

2. I am a Mother Earth devotee through and through. 

Through every issue that has surfaced over this past year and every up and down through my own natural, personal cycle, I came back to Mother Earth.

When I'm lost, I go to the garden. When I'm sad, I go to the trees. When I'm needing to move, I go to the beach. I worship Mother Earth and I want her wellness.

She grounds me and gives me purpose. She is our world and our breath and our bones. She is our meal and our dessert. She is our clothes and our bed and our blankets.

For me, she is my North Star. She leads me to my work, my purpose, my inner voice, my teachings, my physical strength and always, she always, takes me home.

3. Intuition is EVERYTHING. 

The voice inside is always right, always guiding, always soft.

It always has been and for that I celebrate. I rejoice. I AM.

My voice inside whispers such sweet guidance to me and it is my job to trust and listen. To listen and trust. It whispers little notions and potions and magical prayers. It whispers next steps and connections and leads me magnetically to the next right person and moment and conversation.

It keeps me healthy and grounded and well. It is the voice in my heart and wants my attention. It is the antidote, opposite, guidance that the voice in my head lacks.

It is the leader of the lover of the light. It is my soft, cozy place. It is my heart.

Now it's your turn............What three takeaways do you want to own from this past year?

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All my love,