My Story:

You’re feeling spread so thin and overwhelmed by everything you have on your plate.

You have so many ideas and so much energy.

You put your all into your work and your family and you’re so intentional about everything but it leaves you with so little space for yourself.

You don’t even know where to begin to find the space and time and love for yourself that you know you deserve. 

You’re needs, uhhhhhhh?  What are those??

Trust me, I get it.  For the eight years I ran my nonprofit and my farming business, I was trying to prove my worth to the world.  It never felt like enough to me so I was also teaching yoga and starting other side projects.  I always felt like there was more I “should” be doing. 

All of my energy was going “out there” to others and there was never anything left over for me.  Frankly, I wasn’t even comfortable with the idea that I had needs of my own.  I was firmly rooted in the idea that if I restricted myself (be it food, fun, joy, rest) enough I’d somehow be capable of achieving something noteworthy in the world.

Well, clearly, THAT didn’t work out.  Instead I burnt out and needed to figure out how to reframe everything. It took a lot of investing though.  Investing in myself.  When nothing else was flowing and I felt extremely stuck and dark, I reached out to my coaches and therapist and got deep love and support.  I went all the way in to myself knowing I was picking up tools I had been searching for for lifetimes.  From all of that amazing getting to know my real self, I can now give to my family, give back to the world at large AND be OK in meeting all the feelings and needs that arise in me.

And now I share those deep and sacred tools with women just like you and me on a daily basis with 1:1 support and attention.

In coaching sessions with me women gain a profound understanding of themselves in order to know what’s underneath their busyness, overwhelm, saying YES when they mean NO, awkward moments and unsettling feelings.

I create extremely sacred spaces in which YOU have space to explore in a deeper way than you have before and I have space to use my intuition to gently guide you to the deepest truths within you.

You will have the chance to come into yourself so that you can literally become your own best friend, advocate and empathetic inner voice. 

I’m on this planet to share these tools and to be a catalyst for the empowering ripple effect that happens when women come into their own power, femininity, self like and love.

I’m a sacred space crafter in whatever I do.  I create amazing food and flower gardens and share my abundant harvests with my people. I create experiences for nonprofits to learn mindfulness and communication.  I create educational opportunities for children and adults to deepen their connection to the earth and each other.

And, I want to create a sacred container with YOU so you can know yourself, like yourself and trust yourself as you walk toward enjoying your life and living what you know is possible for YOU.

If this all sounds great to you, grab a complimentary 30 minute call so we can chat and find out if we are a good match to begin some transformative work together.


Even More About Me.....

Even from childhood, I was taught to be of service in the world.  It runs through the veins of my family, being reinforced at seven years old when my mom and I cooked and delivered meals for homeless folks.

When I was 21, I traveled to Africa and found my life profoundly transformed through my apprenticeship with Sibanda, a Zimbabwean traditional healer who treated me as his daughter.

When I returned to the U.S. I continued to follow the voice within that led me to create the world I wanted to live in. I moved west, became an organic farmer, married, launched two successful businesses, became a yoga teacher, co-founded an innovative schoolyard garden program, built a home, and became a mother.

While each of these actions arose from the voice of my heart, I was also plagued by self-doubt, worry and anxiety. I often had severe headaches. An incessant to-do list seemed to run my life.

Though I had accomplished so much in the physical world, I painfully came to find that I didn’t trust my own voice, or my own body.

When an intense illness cast me into true despair after the birth of my son, I finally began the journey to the core of myself. I emerged from that deep work more whole, more open and more fully alive.

I found myself called to begin working with other women like me, the leaders and doers, the women who cannot help but build and create– and who need help hearing and trusting their own voices. 

Through my own experience and my work with many women, I understand first hand how living your truth inevitably brings you face to face with your own anxieties, pain and limitations.

It is my belief that when we change ourselves, we change the world.  And that is what I am here to do.

The Nitty Gritty Details:

I hold a Bachelors of Social Work from the University of Vermont, and am certified through the Courageous Living Coach Certification, a holistic program grounded in supporting clients exactly where they are.     

I currently live with my husband Chris and our son Jude in a unique cooperatively owned community in the beautiful Methow Valley, in the foothills of the North Cascades. I grow organic flowers for weddings and other events, and recently created and co-produced The Mother Experience project, a live show to give mothers and people with mothers a chance to share intimate stories on stage.

When I’m not coaching other bad-ass women, launching new endeavors or tilling my own inner world in an attempt to find personal freedom, you can find me having hilarious and profound conversations with my son, pruning back dahlias or hiking quickly through the hills to let it all out.

Check out this link to learn more about becoming a Courageous Living Coach yourself.

Check out this link to learn more about becoming a Courageous Living Coach yourself.